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I was a recent college graduate with a fabulous education from one of the top universities in the state. Jobs were hard to come by so when I got an interview with Seven Marketing, Inc. in Dallas, I was ecstatic. Needless to say, those feelings went by the wayside QUICKLY.

I was first brought in for a first round interview. Turns out, it wasn't even with the "president" of Seven, it was with another portly fellow. The "interview" took about fifteen minutes and was nothing about my resume or past jobs or internships. He asked me to come in for a second round interview and wrote the hours door as "1-8 Friday". This should've been my first red flag. A full day for a second round "interview/shadowing"??

The second round interview was supposedly with one of the top guys in the company so I felt great about it. Turns out it was all DOOR TO DOOR selling/scamming for AT&T U-Verse. They eventually got two people to switch to U-Verse and felt great about it. At lunch, he broke down the "advancement opportunities". It is 100% COMMISSION based with NO BENEFITS. He made it seem like in a year you would own your own office and make a six figure salary. SECOND RED FLAG.

The third and final round was immediately after we got back (approximately 8:15 pm) and was with Casey, the president of Seven. Somehow he got me to accept a job offer. But the hours (11-8 pm), the commission based salary, no benefits, and door to door selling was too much for me to keep telling myself it was a good job. This job was horrible and should not be marketed as a "MARKETING FIRM". It is anything but. It is a door to door selling U-Verse company that preys on wide-eyed college graduates. KEEP AWAY.

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I am not sure what to think about this.I guess the first question would be in how many situations do you actually get to sit down with the president of the company so that's impressive that "Casey" took the time to meet with you.

If you got to spend a full day watching one of the top people there how were you scamed into not knowing what was expected of you? Finally how does someone make you accept a position that you don't want? That is either the most impressive thing I have ever seen or you don't have the capacity to think for yourself. Great job by whatever Top University you went to.

If they are so bad why would a company as large as AT&T want to do business with them for several years now?Just saying...


HAHA, don't lie, you didn't go to school, ***, you didn't even graduate high school.



Don't get sucked in!


I used to work here! It is a scam!

to Mike #644654

Did you ever get paid when you were there?

Did the checks cash if you did?

Did you have to pay them to work there?

Please explain how it is a scam...

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